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Winnipeg Central Mosque
Winnipeg Central Mosque was created in 2004 due to the huge increase in Muslim population within the central Winnipeg zone.
Hazelwood Mosque (St. Vital)
The first and oldest masjid in Winnipeg.
Winnipeg Grand Mosque
Winnipeg Grand Mosque is the main masjid in Manitoba. All 5 daily prayers are prayed, Jumm’a prayer is observed every week, and Taraweeh prayers in the month of Ramadan are held here.
Pakistani Association
348 Ross Avenue
Winnipeg, MB
Brandon Islamic Centre
834 10th Street
Brandon, Manitoba
R7A 4H1
Thompson Muslim Association
Thompson Muslim Association has existed for approximately thirty five years. There are approximately twenty-seven Muslim families from diverse background and a range of countries that reside in Thompson.

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