History of Muslims in Manitoba

Timeline of important events in the history of Muslims in Manitoba

Compiled by: Manitoba Muslim staff.

Date Development

1900s-1950s First Muslim immigrants arrive in Manitoba from Eastern Europe, the Caribbean Islands and Lebanon.

1950s-60s Groups of Indo-Pakistani & Arab Immigrants begin studying and settling in Manitoba

1966 Sunday Noon (Dhur) Prayer held regularly in the basement of one of the houses of the Muslims in Manitoba. There was approximately 25 Muslim families in total.

1967 Muslims in Winnipeg form a group later to become the Manitoba Islamic Association (MIA)

1967-1971 Sunday noon prayers moved to the Unitarian church, due to increase in number of Muslims.

1969 Manitoba Islamic Association (MIA) legally incorporated

1969 Fundraising for 1st mosque begins

1971-1974 The Sunday noon prayer is moved from the Unitarian church to the International Centre.

1972 Obligatory Friday prayers (Juma’a) begins at the university of Manitoba

1974-1975 Building of 1st mosque in Winnipeg on Hazelwood begins.

1975 Completion of MIA Mosque in August of this year.

1976 Opening of the weekend Islamic school in the mosque.

1980 Annual summer camps begin as an institution

1987 MIA invites its first Imam of mosque from Nigeria, Imam Tahir Aderonmu (served ~3 years)

1990-91 Muslim youth council (MYC) formed.

1991 A feasibility study for a new Muslim community center conducted

1991 Statistics Canada report on Muslims in Manitoba to be ~3,525

1991 Muhammad Safi, the 2nd Imam of MIA arrives in Winnipeg from Guyana and (served for ~ 3years, left in 1994).

1994 Establishment of Takaful fund to help needy people in the community

1996 Al-Hijrah Full time Islamic school begins.

1997 A North America wide Educational retreat held in Winnipeg at the University of Manitoba. Various international and North American scholar attended the retreat.

1999 Establishment of Manitoba Muslim Newsletter

1999 MIA reports that the number of Muslims in Manitoba is +5000

2000 Arrival of Hosni Azzabi from Tunisia as the 3rd Imam of the MIA mosque.

1999-2003 Expansion of community and Islamic activities with regular prayers and Friday prayers at various venues, including both universities, Health Sciences centre, Islamic Education foundation, Pakistan Association centre and MIA masjid

2003 Beginning of construction of the new center on Waverely. Establishment of Ecole Sofiya full time Islamic School. The formal opening of the Islamic institute of Manitoba (IIIM) in downtown.

2004 Winnipeg Central Mosque officially opens on October the 15th.

2006 The Canadian Muslim Women’s Institute (CMWI) officially launched in Winnipeg on November 12.

2007 The Islamic Social Services Association, Inc. (ISSA) launches the first of its kind public awareness campaign highlighting the contributions of Muslims in Manitoba on December the 14th.

2007 The Grand mosque on Waverely officially opens on January 20th.

2008 Establishment of Manitoba Muslim Seniors Association


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